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Mehendi / Heena Training Courses

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We believe that knowledge always increases when imparted. We not only help and train you to acquire the skills and knowledge of  the creative art of henna , but we would also help you fullfill your dream of becoming a Henna artist yourself.

We offer a wide variety of training courses underlined below to help you to start from scratch or to  enhance your artist flair for this wonderful art. we consider it our pleasure to share our skills and knowledge of this age old art with the youngsters of today.

Personal attention would be given to all students at all times.

We conduct personalised classes as well as group workshops from time to time.

Come in and give a try to awaken the artist in you!!

1.Cone Making Course

  • Mixing Mehendi
  • Preparing a cone
  • Using a Mehendi cone

2.Basic Mehendi Course

  • Making and Using a cone
  • Basic Forms used in Mehendi
  • Elementary Mehendi Design

3.ARABIC Mehendi Course

  • Knowledge of Basic Mehendi Forms
  • Various Arabic Styles and Forms
  • Arabic Shadding

4.Colourful and Glitter Heena

  • Use Of Various colours for Heena
  • Use of Various materials for Heena Designing
  • (Note : Basic Knowledge of heena is a must .)

5. Tattoo Designing

  • Basic Forms Used in Tattoos
  • Elementary Tattoo Designs
  • Complex Tattoo Designs

(Note: No Usage of Tatoo Machine)

6.Full Course In Mehendi Designing

  • Cone making
  • Basic Arabic and traditional mehendi
  • Advanced Arabic and advanced mehendi
  • Colourful and glitter mehendi
  • Bridal mehendi
  • Tattoo designing