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Henna has been a very attractive in majority of the various cultural events , carnivals , school fetes and also Festive celeberations across the whole world.

All these events symbolises only one characteristic and that is Fun,Floric , Festivity , joy and happiness - which people from far and wide come together and participate in.

Coming from a very culturally rich country INDIA- we totally understand and value these festiv spirit and are very eager to share it with the community as well.

People from various customs and cultural background love henna as it directly symbolises funand creativity. Now-a-days ,people want something different so that lots and lots of people are attracted towards these community fairs.


out of our vast experience - we can definately and very proudly say that Henna Tattoos are a very big smashing hit !!

Not only we are invited by Invitation to majority of Melbourne`s biggest fairs and cultural diversity shows , but also we proudly promote ourseleves to give , spread and share our skillful talent with the other people- who have been proven fans of this beautiful art !!

A henna artist alone can attract the whole crowd to her by weaving an intricate era of gorgeous designs which are a sure crowd pleasers.

Henna has been ever popular in today`s busy and mundane life globally and the credit goes to it`s creativity and unique style of creating Tattoos.

By Having a henna artist at cultural events/fairs and even school fetes- we can let the people experience the joy of getting their hands to try different styles of henna tattoos . As we use 100% organice , fresh and purest form of henna it is safe to use on people with the most sensitive skina without any reactions.

It is not only a soothing agent - but also leaves people remember their carnival / fete / cultural event - long after the tattoo is faded away.

People of all ages - young and small , girls or boys , all love henna tattoos and we can customise the patterns and designs as per your personal prefrence or you can freely choose from our variety of catelougues carrying hundreds and thousands of deigns and create the magical expereince of henna - to remember for a very long time !