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Bridal Showers are a very emotional moment not only for the expectant mum but for the whole entire family and the people all around you.

Bridal Showers are organised by the family and freinds to make you feel pampered and not only shower you with baby gifts but also blessings and celeberate the occassion with you as you step into a whole new world of motherhood.

It is not only a special occassion to enjoy but also make it special for the whole family to remember and cherish for your whole life.


Baby Showers - of hosted the age old Traditional way - can sometimes be a bit slow and even boring.

Why not give your or your Family member`s baby shower a extra zing for your guest to remember even after it is finished long ago.

Now-a-days Girls want their baby showers to be unique and enjoyable at the same time for every guest by hiring a henna artist .

The Host has a special Responsibility when hosting Baby Showers-not only On one hand you have to ensure you invite all the guests and on the other you have to ensure you keep them engaged.

Baby Showers are pridominantly women oriented- They flock the occasion to share their experiences with the soon-to-be-mom and also to have a merry time in the occassion. Our Talented Henna artists can not only churn and come up with new designs for all the guests to make the occasion far more memorable and mesmerising for one and all with their magnificent talent.

Australia not only hold a varierty of cultures and traditions in itself but also it promotes and welcome new talents , artist and skills.

Henna being one of the oldest skills with women of various countries all around the world from India , Pakistan , Dubai , Middle Eastern countries , Egypt , Morrocco and Various parts of Serbia and even Russia- but it is also very popular with Todays Generation and also Australian Poeple.

People Now-a-days love to adorn themselves with tattoos, they just do not enjoy permanent tattoos as much as the temporary ones. Henna is the Best Alternative and is gaining popularity and can be used to design some of the most exquisite temporary tattoos. They are Fun and look beautiful and are apt for the baby showers too.


Why us ? - well Why not ?

when you would plan a Party- you definately want everything the BEST- the Food , The Wine - the Decore - Everything !

Then Why not the Artist to entertain and please the most important Peopl in your Party- your GUESTS !!

We have been In the Industry for over the Decade and not only do we pride ourseleves with the Knoweldge , skills and experience but also the Art .

We have the Best artists in australia and do the Best work - which is sure to please !

You want your guests to feel comfortable, at home and also have a time they will remember for life. All this and more can be made possible with MELBOURNE HENNA. we at MELBOURNEHENNA comprises of thorough professionals who can blend effortlessly with any crowd. They also have the expertise that can help them modify their designs as per the occasions and the need. With all this, you can be sure your guests will be absolutely contented with the artists.

HENNA AND BABY SHOWERS have a great blend - as HENNA is a very soothing and 100% natural Ingredient which not weaves a great Articulate web of gorgeous designs , it also soothes the baby bump and the heat inside the boby of the Mommy-to-be , hence using Henna to cool the body while you are preganent is an age old ritual.

Hence we have created a new zing by introducing various and gorgeous designs specially created and crafted for BABY SHOWER.