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Coloured Heena

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Coloured Heena

Many a times we arrive in social gatherings with same group of people and a new look for such events are required to add a charm to your personality in such gathering. There various options available that may suit your style and taste, application of coloured mehendi are one among them.

If you are bored of same henna mehendi and wish to have a funky but beautiful look for your hands when you attend a party or a ceremony, then the application of colour mehendi is your solution.

This form of mehendi is very contemporary in the approach more of fun and is efficient to match to the colour of your dress for the occasion. There is a varied range of options available in colour mehendi. This body art of Coloured henna is done prior to the occasion and washes away in one day. Coloured mehendi is very popular among the kids to make temporary tattoos. Coloured mehendi are also becoming one of the favourites among the youngsters and old people. Everyone needs a change from the old styles and design so they tend to try new things and experiment what may add up to their style. For acquiring a new look and to add up to the style application of coloured mehendi in place of henna mehendi is a bright solution. So this time when you get ready for some event or an important ceremony try experimenting with your style with the application of coloured mehendi.

Melbourne Henna offers its customers finest quality of coloured mehendi with the design and precision that may add up to their style. Apart from coloured mehendi, we also offer henna tattoos