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Henna nowadays has not been limited to Occassions , festivals , Brides , or parties only.

A lot of girls today just want to have fun and want to have a get-together with their girl freinds and do activities that involves diffrent types of creative and innovative measures to party hard.

During Long winter months where the party choices outdoor become a bit difficult - a better idea is to hire a professional Henna Artist and have a party indoors !!

Also during the beautiful summer months - Henna is a great idea to catchup with freinds and show off your inked skin !

Our Artists not only would get the excitement of the party alive , but also would create intricate designs and patterns to engage everyone in their own spell.

One of the different ways to start the party`s unlimited fun is by organising temporary tatting for the guests. Nowadays a lots of the of girls want to spend some time off their work and the mundane routein, hence the idea of girls weekend parties seems to be gaining a lot of enthusiam and popularity. The girls weekend party becomes an occassion or reason where you and your girl friends can get together , chit chat , gossip down and have fun !!


Melbourne Henna also has a great number of clients who want to do real tattoos but are not so sure that the design choosen or the style selected is the right one to live with it for the rest of their lives.

Hence this is where we come into picture-we can do the designs selected by you in black ink - which looks exactly like the real one- you can try it for a few days- before it fades away and then decide to get it permanently done - or simply change the pattern and try again.In this way- makes it easier to decide and also know what to expect when you do the real thing !

Also people are happy to create temporary tattoos on their skin and body as some people have a fear of needles and pain associated with permanent tattoos.

We will be more than happy to help !
Please call us / email us and we would look after you !!

Hiring the services of a henna artist for your next occassion /party/event or get together will prove to be a smashing idea! The artist would definately proove your choice was the best part of excitement for your guests to remeber your party long after it was finished !