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The Fun , The Excitement , The Enthusiasm and the The party !!

No Matter How long have you been trying to plan your special occassion - if you add that special extra touch - it just makes it memorable !

Henna is something that is not only Traditional with many cultures - but now-a-days is cathing up with the western world as well.
Henna can add a lot of that extra Zind to your party that the girls would remember long after the party is over and the Henna is faded.

Our Specially trained , qualifiedand professional staff would not only mingle and try to offer your guests any sorts of designs and patterns that they desire and also carry heaps of design catelogues to choose from as well.

The Main key to make a party more memorable is to get in touch with the right people and get the best in the industry.

Here`s where we come into the Picture -

Melbourne henna has been specialising in offering HENS NIGHT Parties in melbourne and all subarban areas for the last 12 years in Australia.

Melbourne henna prides itself in having the best henna Artists in Australia who are not only qualified in their feild but also have heaps of professional experience.

Our artists not only have been in the Feilds for years but also can actually customise patterns on the clients body as per their requirements.

Our clients range from all genres of the society from as young as 2 year olds .

Our Inhouse created henna paste not only Is 100% organic but also 100% safe to use on each and everybody.

We offer all sorts of Henna and Temporary tattoos to suits your needs and entertain your guests at the parties.

Henna tattooing is a type of Body Art which is called as Mehendi in India.

We not only do Henna for the Bridal nights but also cater for events like Birthday parties - 16th / 18th / 21st/30th /40th /Anniversary Parties / and Bollywood Themed Parties.

We come to you and not only do we Cater to your Henna needs and also would be more than happy to offer dress darpping services as well for ur guests / brides maids/ or guests at ur hens nights.

We not only do Customise your party- but also make it a Memorable event to be remembered all your life by yourself but also all your frends and families.

We would love to hear from you to create your occassion an experience to remember for ever !!