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Rajasthani & Marwadi Style Heena

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Rajasthani & Marwadi Style Heena

The state of Rajasthan and most prominently Marwad are known for the traditional styling and designing in varied artefacts. Mehendi or heena is an inseparable part of rajasthani customs and traditions. Whether it be an important occasion marriage, or a small family function like Raksha Bandhan there is a tradition of putting mehendi in Rajasthan. Not only women's but men in Rajasthan also love to put mehendi during some of occasions. Holding such an importance from ancient times in the culture, mehendi has attained an artistic development during the span of time.

This typical form of henna used more of fine lines, leaves and paisleys with lots of detailed filler patterns that are repetitive and form a routine in the designs. These patterns are very common and look very beautiful as these designs have been handed over from centuries and yet look awesome. From all styles of mehendi, Rajasthani mehendi gives a very beautiful but traditional Indian look.

At Melbourne Henna the customers desire to have a very traditional but attractive mehendi design is taken care of. Our designers have a fine and varied style of designing promising a unique mehendi with same traditional look. Moreover, there are various other kind of Mehndi Design in fashion now and Henna Tattoos are also said to be a means of fashion statement.