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Rangoli is one of the most popular form of art in India and now it is expanding it`s horizons from east to the west side of the globe. It is a form of sandpainting decoration that uses finely ground white powder and colours, and is used commonly outside homes in India. Rangoli is a popular art form among Indian women. 

Rangoli are painted on the ground in front of houses using rice powder -- sometimes supplemented by flower petals and other colorful materials.

This this type of decoration is very popular in the indian culture during special occassions , weddings and festive seasons.It signifies the meaning of welcoming each and everyone with enthusiasm and adds a touch of warmth and colour during the festivity of the occassion.

Rangoli can be wall art as well as floor art. The term rangoli is derived from words rang (colour) and aavalli ('coloured creepers' or 'row of colours'

We can cater for interior or exterior decoration of the floor with either paint , flowers , grains or even coloured sand.

The designs used to decorate are usually either with counted number of dots or it is a free hand design-either ways the results are absolutely gorgeous.