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Karva Chauth is the celebration of the divine bond between life partners – a festival that reflects the customs and conducts of the Indian culture. Synonymous with a feeling of overwhelming fun and delight, it is an perfect time for the husband, in-laws and other members to direct their fondness, love and admiration for the “lady of house" or as she is called in Indian tradition 'bahu', by pouring her with alluring gifts to suit the occasion.

Wives keep a full day fasting for long lives of their spouses. If you are one of the folks who wish to make the festivity of Karva Chauth special for your significant other, you should gift her something special, special just like her. Special gifts that’ll make her love even more.

For the ladies, with Karva Chauth is just around the corner, it stands for more than that. Karva Chauth is the communication of love – unadulterated, absolute love for your hubby. Whether you’ve been married for a long time or this is your first Karva Chauth, the days leading up to Karva Chauth and Diwali are extra distinct. That’s why it’s so significant to be at your best.

And the best part is: this time you won’t have to stand in queues outside your nearby beauty parlours or beauty salon, grab this complete beauty package at Melbourne Henna. We have special packages that are customised to your exact needs.

So look no further than Melbourne Henna this Diwali and Karva Chauth. This festive season Melbourne Henna is offering special Diwali and Karva Chauth henna, makeup, and Draping. Leave a lasting impression on your Husband. Leave him awestruck with your emblazing henna cladded hands perfectly matching your dress and the makeup.

What’s the better way to express your love than this package from Melbourne Henna.


Make your booking fast; there are too many takers and we have only a few bookings remaining for the Karva Chauth Henna application.

Please call 0410493033 to reserve your appointments.

Karva Chauth Henna Nights are on 27th , 28th , and 29th October , and Yes, looking at the season and your love, we are also accepting day and afterhours bookings.


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