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We at MELBOURNE HENNA pride ourseleves in working across different cultures , but also celeberating different Ocassions and putting our best efforts to make them memorable foreveryone.

Eid mehndi refers to the intricate designs drawn on the hands of Muslim women using henna ink to celebrate the end of the Ramadan fast.

Eid-Ul-Fitr is a Muslim holiday that falls on the first day of the tenth month of the Islamic calendar, and the festivities last for three days. Frequently referred to simply as Eid, the holiday is similar to New Year’s Day. During this holiday, observant Muslims are forbidden to fast. Although attending prayers is not obligatory, Muslims are encouraged to go for fellowship. They are also encouraged to dress up in their best clothes. For many Muslim women in South Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East or women whose heritage is based in these cultures, dressing up for Eid includes wearing Eid mehndi.

Mehendi specially for EID is not only supposed to be auspicious , but also forms a part of the religious rituals and women like to show off their best Henna/ Mehendi to their girlfreinds and Family.

As we have been specialising in Henna for EID for over a Decade , we have come up with Various EID SPECIALS ,this year as well !

The diffrent Packages to celeberate EID 2012....

-Host a party / get-together / girls Niht for EID 2012 and the Host`s Henna will be Complimentary on us !!

-Invite a 10 Family members / Freinds to get Henna / Mehendi for EID 2012...Host get free Mehendi !!

- we just love kids as you do !
Hence you get your Henna and girls under 5 years of age get Their Henna for Free...

If these Specials are not good enough or you want a special package to be unquiely customised to your needs , please feel free to call us and we can definately work out something exclusively for your needs.

Please call and make your EID 2012 a day to remember with your family members - Henna applications couldn`t have been better.

Please call early to avaoid disappointments as Eid is a very popular event in our calender and books out pretty quickly.

Call 0410493033 and your Eid Henna is looed after for your- so that you can enjoy and spend the time with family rather than hunting for last minute options and compramising your Festive celeberations.