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A bolt from the blue - Temporary Tattoo

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temp tattoosDid you already plug into the rocking trend of temporary tattoos? If not, jump and join our bandwagon and be the damsel of the town with the dainty faux tattoo. Finely drawn hearts, graceful squiggles and titty-bitty arrows is the only hot potato cooking. The colors so elegantly hold the line, almost as though they were made to be on your skin. It takes nothing away; it’s just another cushy job to experiment with different places on your body. Be it back of the neck or the hand or may be the fingers. All in all it’s an extra little pop of fleeting beauty to add to your permanent beautiful self.

No doubt it’s temporary, but as detailed as the big real wheel. There’s nothing that would keep you from being obsessed about the new craze for faux tattoos on your body. There’s nothing to lose but will earn you a feather in you cap.

There’s no need to be finicky about the quality because Melbourne Henna assures the best quality pigments that easily stay for almost 7 days depending upon the skin type and care.

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