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A How To tips for applying makeup on oily skin

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Makeup makes you even more beautiful! But big thing is that one makeup is not enough for every woman because as a human being we all do have different types of skin and so we need some specific sort of makeup to be applied to our skin. Luckily, now d days makeup is available in a varied range of flavor, color, shade, cost, quality that suits your skin type. But what about those who do have oily skins? No worries! We are available for makeup for oily skins too. What you need to take care of is just to be careful while applying makeup to oily skin.

Today, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to apply makeup to oily skin.

How to know if you have oily skin?

Generally, oily skin is characterized by roughness, a number of pores, dullness and a shining, oil like appearance on the skin. The sebaceous gland produces excess oil thus giving the skin the shine associated with oily skin.

Makeup for Oily Skin

Choosing makeup for oily skin is not so much difficult; with a bit of care you can easily know and select makeup for oily skin. Read labels. There are some items that should be avoided and some items that you should look for in makeup for oily skin.   There are certain makeup companies that are known for their work in designing products for specific skin types


1. Avoid products containing oil from petroleum. This includes mineral oil. Use oil-free makeup or makeup that is intended to benefit oily skin.
2. Avoid makeup that contains alcohol. Alcohol will strip the skin of oil, which may cause the body to produce even more.
3. Look for ingredients such as bismuth oxychloride and dimenthicone. Both can clog pores and may cause blemishes. These are commonly found in foundation or powder based products.


1. Find foundations that contain titanium dioxide, a naturally occurring sun protector.
2. Makeup for oily skin should contain serecite to reduce the appearance of pores and help absorb oil.
3. Kaolin clay added in foundation will help oil control.
4. Zinc oxide used in makeup will act as an anti-inflammatory.

A makeup artist will use products designed for a customer's skin type in order to promote healthy skin. It is equally important for the makeup artist to become familiar with products and ingredients for specific skin care. Knowing how to take care of a customer's skin will benefit the client and the makeup artist's reputation.

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