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Arabic mehndi design adds delicacy to the feet

You are here: Blog >> Arabic mehndi design adds delicacy to the feet

Mehndi has a lot of significance in eastern countries like India and Pakistan. The relevance lies in the fact that it is considered auspicious for all the traditional events and festivals. With the increase in popularity it has become a unanimous favourite and enjoys universal popularity. Ruling the domain of attractive and modish designs is Arabic mehndi designs. These are also used to make tattoos on hands, feet, back, waist in order to make the body look gorgeous.

Arabic mehdni designs are predominantly flowery and leafy in pattern and look attractive with empty spaces in the whole design. When applied on the feet these designs make the feet look charming. These enhance the beauty of the feet with beautiful colour and designs. Augmenting the feet, the Arabic patterns of mehndi designs are now becoming popular for bridal services as well. To add more glamour these are decked with glitters plus vivid colours.

The feet of the bride look dainty when adorned with Arabic mehndi designs. The floral pattern of design with shades in between generates ethereal charm. Such patterns emote a tender expression through the feet. That is why these designs have become a favourite amongst the brides. These designs cater graceful and exquisite appearance. These are suitable for all types of complexion, be it fair, dark or whitish.

The whole idea of beautifying the feet through Arabic mehndi design seems fascinating. It actually adds fascination to the whole appearance of the feet. The designs augment the entire getup of the feet by accentuating the overall appeal. Arabic mehndi artists across the globe are very much in demand and grab huge amount of money for this form of body art and decoration. Henna tattoos have become a style statement and are a 'must do' for parties and occasions.

On occasions and party time when everything is falling into place, the feet and hands can be made to look vivacious and 'pretty pleasing'. So, apply Arabic mehndi design for delicate feet and get all eyes rolling for you!

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