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Arabic Mehndi designs all over the world!

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Mehendi or Henna is an age old tradition of adornment especially for the women. Beautiful henna designs when applied add a touch of elegance. When hands and feet are decorated with beautiful designs of henna, it augments the natural beauty of women. Indian practice of applying Mehndi dates back to 5000 years ago. Traditionally women used to regularly put henna to make hands and feet look more graceful.

The tradition has continued with ladies applying mehendi in weddings and occasions. It is inevitably applied on festive occasions like Teej, Karva Chauth etc. to add ceremonious flavour plus for its auspicious behaviour. Thus, henna has got a very ceremonial significance. There are different types of mehndi designs amogst which the prominent ones are Indian, Pakistani, Arabic and African. Every type has its own style & speciality.

Today let's have a deeper insight on the Arabic mehndi design:

Flowing in nature: The Arabic style of applying mehndi is very flowing in nature. Mostly the designs consist of patterns of vine, leaves and flowers. Contrary to Indian style which fills the whole hand with detailed design, Arabic is less intricate. It starts with the palm and flows through wrist and stretches over the hand region. Even the dorsal area is also covered with similar designs.

Scattered design pattern: The Arabic mehndi design pattern is more scattered. It looks more spaced out compared to the Indian and African henna designs. Moreover, the designs are extended with dots and vines giving it a very discreet look. This form actually looks fabulous and captivates instant attention.

Colour and external additives: Now a days the Arabic mehndi design is decked with external colours and additives like diamonds, radium stickers etc. to give it that bold & vivacious appeal. Very happening in feel, this trend is picking up really fast. Popular amongst girls these designs are a hit in the party circuits as well.

Suitable for bridal make up: The Arabic patterns of henna look beautiful on hands and feet area as these follow the minimalistic look mantra. But skilled mehendi artist can apply best Arabic design to  beautify the modern day bride. These are the most favourite bridal services of the moment.

Global  hit: Across the globe people appreciate the charm of Arabic mehndi design. Women belonging to diverse cultures and traditions vote in favour of this style of henna design. Loved by people of all genres, these designs are genuinely a global hit.

Apt for all occasions: Starting from festive times to bridal make up to party wear, the Arabic style of mehndi design suits one and all. Cute little Arabic henna tattoos are also super popular. Making one look beautiful, bold and trendy this mehendi style is going places.

Apart from this, the Arabic mehendi is stylish, chic and happening emoting youthfulness to the hilt. Thus, there is an overwhelming fondness for this style in all parts of the world!

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