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Bridal makeup: Tips to get the best bridal look!

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Wedding day holds prime importance in the life of every bride-to-be. This day, she happens to be the star attraction for all and thus, it becomes very important for a bride to be at her best on her wedding day. And helping a bride look the most beautiful of all is a skilfully applied make up. And hence make up for wedding should be exquisite, not exotic!

However, bridal makeup is not that easy as it seems to be. A single mistake can spoil the whole show and subject you to embarrassment. But you can avoid all these problems by following the below mentioned make up tips. Steal the show on your D-day and check out what can make your bridal makeup simply flawless:

  • Primer: Your foundation must last longer and for it, you should use a primer base as it prepares the skin for makeup.
  • Foundation: Pick a foundation that matches your skin tone and check the colour in both daylight and aritifical light. For best results, apply it with a foundation brush.
  • Concealer: Your foundation will work effectively if you complement it with a concealer. Apply a good quality concealer and hide your nasty spots if any.
  • Face powder: Remember that your foundation has to last for long and to help it stay fresh throughout the day, set it with a face powder.
  • Blusher: Your photographs will look appealing if you apply a subtle blusher on your cheeks. Blend the blusher upwards to get the result you are looking for.
  • Eye make up: Highlight your eyes with an eyeliner and mascara. Keep two coats of mascara so as to give the eyes a fuller appeal.
  • Lipstick: Lipstick should be applied once you get over other makeup. Use a matching lip-liner and blend it using a cotton so as to prevent the gloss or lip shade from bleeding.

Be the perfect bride everyone will love to admire by making use of these handy bridal makeup tips!