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Dash a style statement with temporary tattoos

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Temporary tattoos are the latest fashion sensation! Temp tattoos add to the fun and frolic of the college and make you the style icon of the place. Be it fresher's party, prom night or tech fest, tattoos add a tint of glamour to every event. Coloured tattoos with black boundaries compliments the skin and cloths.

The best part is that your skin is not inked permanently. You can change the tattoo as per your mood or the occasion. Dash up with captivating temporary tattoos and be the eye candy of the class. For more of fun go for shimmering radium tattoos which highlight at night giving the starry feel.

But a word of caution is to get your skin checked before getting tattooed. Any form of allergic reaction will spoil the fun and might damage the skin on permanent basis. So, ask the tattoo artist to check the skin. For this, select a reputed saloon which believes in maintaining a good standard for the art of tattooing.

So, be the darling of the class and steal the show with beautiful tattoo designs that last a couple of days. Be the star for the friends and the envy of the enemies with shimmering tattoos. Tattoos are the perfect form of body art to decorate armlets, back, hands, navel, legs, feet etc.

This season loose control and get your body painted with cute looking temporary tattoos and pull off all the eye balls!!