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Dos and Donts

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Tips for an enhanced heena/mehendi colour


Before we start – Wash the area to be decorated with a good soap (one with a mud base) and water.

  1. MEHENDI/HEENA Tattoos should be kept for 2-3 hours till the design is fully dry
  2. Once dried Scrap off the dry MEHENDI /HENNA tattoos and do not wash it with water for atleast 24 hours, to ensure maximum colour.
  3. The Hotter you are the Darker the colour comes out on the skin.The old wives tale goes “The darker the colour the more your husband loves you”
  4. Apply a mixture of lemon and sugar, atleast twice, to enchance the colour an to make the heena mixture stick to your body.
  5. After the tattoos are dried completely get some steam passing through cloves over the gas or hotplate and apply Vicks for a good darkened colour.
  6. The colour on the skin will darken , the day the henna has been applied.It would last for a few days and then fade away.
  7. When the MEHENDI/HEENA tattoos starts fading and appears patchy, it can be removed by applying cosmetic body bleach.
  8. Brides should do their waxing before the henna is applied or otherwise the mehendi would be waxed off with the hair.
  9. Just relax and enjoy your henna..............

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  1. Do not use an oily soap as this can prevent the colour from setting properly
  2. After the tattoos are applied avoid washing the area with soap or water for atleast 4-5 hours
  3. Avoid staying close to the air conditioner as it dries up the MEHENDI/HEENA
  4. Don’t scrap off the dried henna paste intentionally, let it flake off on it`s own.
  5. Avoid too much movement of the part of the body the henna is applied,as there are chances you might dash into someone and smudge it all over.

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