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Henna tattoos for men - adds masculine effect

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Loved by women across India, Pakistan, Arabia and Iran, heena tattoos are the most common skin adornment. There are two types of henna - red and black. The black henna is used to colour hair while the red one is used for staining hands, feet and nails. Crafted in beautiful designs these tattoos add a funky, vivacious effect to the gen next.

The Gen next is going crazy about tattooing and henna is the best form of temporary tattooing. Apart from the girls, boys also choose this form of adornment. Tattoos for men display abstract, Kanji characters, tribal and Egyptian designs. The designs look masculine and display a modish charm and wicked attitude. Designs like scorpion, skull, dragon, fish and abstract art are the most preferred henna tattoos for men.

Boys like to get these tattoos on their biceps, neck, back and chest. Augmenting the ancient body art with latest crazy designs and colours, the henna tattoos are the best way to display ones feelings. Religious and cultural symbols are a common sight while wicked designs with messages are a sign of rebel. Psychological experts suggest that boys often show their feelings through weird tattoos.

Most of the time the masculine side don't express their feelings and these are the best way to let those open up. Grief, pain and love are the most common emotions forming the reason for tattoos. For whatever reason, tattoos have become a favourite amongst boys. whether you take it as a modern body art or a routine practice has become contagious and everybody likes to be stylish with smart henna tattoos.

So, this season jut find a good saloon offering henna tattoos an have a great time!!

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