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Henna tattoos pose a fashionable style statement

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Henna tattoos are fast becoming popular for their ecstatic appeal. These form of traditional make up has now become a style statement giving exclusive look and feel. The body art has been spotted by youth to signify the spirit of celebration. Some people make it an occasional affair while some have a fetish for it and sport it frequently.

The tattoos are of different variety. From small cute tattoos of moon, stars and mermaids to hot looking tattoos everything can be created through henna. Hands, feet, nape, back, ankles and naval area are adorned with henna tattoos to make them look appealing. Tattoo designs are taking place of ornaments when they are applied on armlets and ankles.

One word that flawlessly becomes synonymous to henna tattoos is fashion. The otherwise traditional getup of henna has now donned a glamorous avatar as people use it like a fashion accessory. Clubbing tattoos with attire is becoming increasingly popular these days. The place of the tattoo is chosen to accentuate the appeal of the whole attire.

Blending well with traditional outfit or even casuals, henna tattoos have become a unanimous choice of one and all. People even experiment with diverse colours which they blend with the original tattoo design. These colours are also chosen to match the dressing of the occasion. Blue, pink, orange colours are mixed in the design to add to the fashion.

Henna tattoos are a hot favourites alternative to permanent tattoos which are an expensive business. Plus the inked tattoos stay for life time and are difficult to remove giving room to henna as a temporary and easy going solution. Even studs are glued between the design of these tattoos which can then be removed effortlessly.

Black henna is used at times to mark boundary of the main tattoo. It needs to be used with caution as it sometimes gives allergic reactions. Though the well designed tattoo with black boundary caters a really ravishing look. Arabic mehndi design is the most popular form of tattooing art through the more modish and out of the box designs are also popping up.

To sum up, you can pose an excellent fashion and style statement when you have henna tattoos that are apt to the occasion. You can also do it for fun, just find a good mehndi tattoo artist and get yourself a tattoo that gives away your own style. Make your own style statement with novel, fresh and unseen henna designs.


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