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Make up for wedding should be exquisite, not exotic!

You are here: Blog >> Make up for wedding should be exquisite, not exotic!

Wedding is one of the most special times in one's life.

It's the day when one promises togetherness for life and the promise to hold on to each other in every thick and thin. Naturally one likes to look the best and catch all the eyes possible. For this one needs to wear proper make up for wedding especially the bride who can make herself look like a jewel of the moment. Looking beautiful for the crowd and precious for the partner is where the charm of make up lies in.

Sometimes in the mood of celebration one forgets to look graceful and adds too much adornments spoiling the whole look. Thus the important tip for make up for wedding is to look exquisite and not exotic. From top to bottom the bride should look well blended - neither too strong nor to subtle. Hair, eyes, lips, jewellery, dress and finger nails, everything should gel enough to pose a unified and effective aura.

When the bride has adequate amount of stun and simplicity it becomes complementing. The foremost thing is that on the 'D day' one must shine making room for glossy make up. Your skin should reflect internal happiness, so glossy make up for wedding would be the ideal thing. Foundation must be chosen in accordance with the skin type, be it fair or dark skin, go for a foundation that blends well with the skin and is non patchy.

Make sure the foundation is stretched till the neck line to create an even look. Then comes the role of make up for eyes. Eye make up should add sparkle to the eyes so don't deck it with heavy and dark make up. It's not necessary to go for smoky eyes as shiny and complementing eye shadow plus high quality liner would do the part. Lipstick colour should gel with the overall make up for wedding with shimmer and gloss as the top most layer.

Flowing hair is a must! Apply good conditioner to give glossy effect to the hair. When the skin make up for wedding is over, just switch to jewellery. Keep jewellery stylish, fashionable and chic rather than exaggerating. Pearls and diamonds are an evergreen jewellery which can complement all dressing types. While diamond shows jubilating mood, pearls signifies grandeur. If you choose a different coloured gown then match the colour of the jewellery as well.

To sum up, make up for wedding should be done artistically to add elegance with aesthetic appeal. Over doing it would make things distasteful. So, be selective when it comes to make up. Choose an experienced make up artist and not your best friend to style you up for the wedding day. Go for a make up rehearsal as that would hint any mismatches. Make your self look exquisite and not exotic! And last but not the least, just be happy and wear a smile so that every moment feels your presence. Best of Luck!!!

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