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Makeup tips to make your Valentine's Day more romantic!

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Valentine's Day – the day of the year we are waiting for is just knocking on the door! And most of us are right now busy in preparing for this wonderful day! But have you ever thought of giving more gorgeous, more glamorous and more elegant look to yourself by applying makeup that is specially made for valentine's day? If not, go ahead, read on and you'll find tips and tricks that will give you gorgeous look for this gorgeous day!

Here are few tips for makeup for Valentine's Day.

Eyes can speak!
Eyes are used to see the world, but have you ever noticed that eyes can speak too! When you're on date with your mate, eyes can say many things that you can't say! And what else would be more suitable than a glossy, soft and killing smoky eye for Valentine's Day look. Choosing dark color like charcoal grey or chocolate brown can really kill your mate's patience!

Lips for the love!
Lip color can also make difference! If you have a smoky eye color, go with a nude lip color and a coat of clear gloss. Check for some other combinations in advertisements and magazines and have it!

Use a smooth, well-smelling body oil!
For smooth, glowing skin all over, switch from your normal lotion and apply a lightly fragrancing body oil. This way you can stay in close touch with your loved one!

Take care of your Skin!
It's winter time! Skin tends to be dry and dull, less foundation is definitely more While applying foundation to your skin, take care of your skin and apply it using your fingers so that foundation can go deep to your skill roots.

Wax  your skin for a more beautiful look!
Wax is what makes you more beautiful! Use a branded otherwise standard wax cream to remove unwanted hairs from your body. Waxing makes your skin more glossy and gives you even better feeling!

Apply Henna Tattoos!
If your partner is fond of tattoos what else would be greater than having Henna Tattoos on skin! You can apply henna tattoos by yourself or you can go to any Bridal Service provider that offer professional services with excellent level of quality!

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