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Mehndi design - an excellent traditional and modish make up

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Mehndi has been a traditional body art of eastern countries especially of India and Pakistan. In the earlier times women used to adorn themselves with captivating mehndi designs. Mehndi also has the significance of absorbing heat from the body and thus has cooling effect.

Traditionally applied to adorn hands and feet it has now become a fashion accessory. It has become a rage amongst the gen Y who adores the funky look. Henna tattoos have become the most creative form of skin art these days.

Mehndi DesignMehndi designs bring traditional flavour to religious and festival events. Depending on the design artist, this form of body decor allures one and all. From a house wife in India to Madonna everybody gets smitten by this exquisite body adornment.

Natural in character Mehndi brings in sense of celebration. While it stays for few days, its smell also gives the smooth and velvety feel. The reddish brown colour creates a joyful mood. Easy to apply,  mehndi designs have become a rage in fashion now.

Youth is crazy about traditional, funky and wacky henna tattoos! They apply tattoos on armlet, anklet, naval, neck and back to look trendy and sensual. The tattoos work wonders and adds a mystical aura making one stand out in the crowd.

Thus, through varied henna tattoo designs, switching from a traditional to modern appearance becomes as easy as a pie. It's also an inexpensive form of body decoration. Just a few bucks can make you look hot, funky and mesmerising not just for single day but till the colour lasts.

So, when you have less time, tight budget and still want to look stunning, choose an attractive mehndi design and get noticed. Be a family function or college party, just be a head turner with henna tattoos!!



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