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Mehndi Design for Karva Chauth: Add glamour to your traditional look!

You are here: Blog >> Mehndi Design for Karva Chauth: Add glamour to your traditional look!

Women love looking glamorous! And that's the reason why they don't miss a single occasion to add glamour to their look! Whether it's a religious occasion or a social event or just a funky weekend, women always make themselves look more and more glamorous. The Indian occasion of Karva Chauth is also one of such event when women make them more decorative and give themselves a much more glamour look by applying mehndi design to their hands and legs.

Karva Chauth and Mehndi Design

The Karva chauth is an important and auspicious festival for married women. The festival is celebrated by the married women of india in order to get the blessing and love of their husbands. In this festival, mother-in-law gives 'sargi' to her daughter-in-law. Sargi consist of mehndi, sindoor, bindi, red ribbon, coconut, saviya, sweets and almonds, etc.

On the bridal side, women keep a day long fast so that their husbands get longer, healthier and happier life. But the most important part of the festival is henna. Married women apply mehndi design toi their palms and feets and décor themselves for their husbands. The belief associated with the mehndi design for karva chauth is that it is believed that darken the color of henna, more the woman will get love from her husband.

Apart from mehndi design during karva chauth festival, some women also love to apply temporary tattoo on their body in order to get some unique beautiful looks.

The Karva Chauth festival earlier was only celebrated in and around India by married woman of Hindu religion, but with the pass of time and with the modernization around the world, this awesome, traditionally rich festival has cross the boundaries of the nation and has been so famous and popular around many other countries like Australia, USA and UK where a large number of Indian people do live.

How to get mehndi design for karva chauth applied?

If are looking to apply mehendi (also known as henna) for karva chauth, then we must say that there are two ways to get it applied on your hands or feets. First way is to get it applied by professional mehndi design experts or mehndi design service experts. Second way is that you can also apply it yourself! Applying mehndi design to the body is not too much tough but yes, you need to be very much careful while you are applying mehndi design yourself.

After all, karva chauth is all about getting ready and decorated for your loved husbands, you have to make sure that you haven't missed anything, especially when it comes to applying mehndi design.

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