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Top 5 Hair Care Tips for Oily Hair

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Everybody happen to shampoo their hair, but few know secrets what is required to keep your oily hair skin even. Here are some tips to keep your oily hair healthy and shiny.

1. Prep Your Hair

While many will call it unnecessary, but I highly recommend it. Once into prep, you are never going to wash your hair without it.

Preps are especially beneficial to colour-treated hair; also, a pre-wash treatment conditions follicles and moisturizes cuticles.

2. The Right Shampoo

With thousands of shampoos on the market, each boasting themselves being better than the other are, featuring unique advantages or an ingredient making right shampoo search bit of a task. On top of that, shampoos for every type of hair are available in the market, adding another layer of confusion.

Thus, today, choosing a shampoo is stressful, just enter your local supermarket once, and you will find it by yourself.

My general tip:

Look for shampoos that are particular to your hair, if in doubt, check the bottle's label there should be some useful information. In addition, neither randomly pick shampoos based on those, 50 % extra, buy 1 get 1 free labels, unless suiting your hair type, nor your cousins or roommate's shampoo, just because you desperately need a hair wash. Hair wash can wait, but not your hair being damaged with a wrong shampoo. Take care.

3. Ingredients

Avoid any constitution of sulphate in your shampoo, no matter how minor. Sulphate-free shampoos are gaining popularity and should be available at your nearest grocery store.

Sulphates actually produce lather, facilitating shampoo's cleansing action and responsible for that squeaky clean feeling after every session of shampooing.

Next time you pick up a shampoo look for No sulphates, no alcohol text on the bottle.

4. Your hair type

Everybody's hair are of different types; if in doubt with yours, start with a simple strand test. Pluck a strand of your hair and pull the ends apart. If it is elastic then protein deficiency; if it breaks, lack of moisture. Use the test results for choosing your next shampoo.

5. Wash it Right and Conditioner

As I mentioned before, nobody teaches you to shampoo, and if I am not wrong, you must be applying a generous amount of shampoo over your scalp then rinsing thoroughly.

However, this turns out to be a poor method of shampooing. Wash your scalp, and condition your ends; section your hair, then wash it as mentioned. This process limits the shampoo required, also easing tangled hair.

End your hair wash with a splash of cold water. Cold water seals the moisture, leading to shinier hair.

In addition, especially in winters, or if you have dry hair, apply some conditioner for making your hair smooth.

The Final Tip

Fight the desire to towel-dry your locks. Towels hard fibres undo all your hard work and take out hair's moisturiser. Rather, take an abandoned T-shirt and rub with it gently.

Now that you have, the secret of hair wash, use it when next applying shampoo to find the difference.

Share your post shampooing experience using our hair-wash secret in the comment box.

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